American Icon Exhibit: FORGOTTEN AMERICA

Each year, the Sausalito Art Festival asks people throughout the world to show us their vision of America. This year, we are pleased to announce the theme of the sixth annual American Icon Art Competition is “Forgotten America: Places, People, Things.

America was founded on the notion of "new and improved" and its ongoing fascination with everything shiny is no secret. Quite often though, what we once cherished succumbs to the relentless march of time. People age, machines rust, and thriving cities can become ghost towns. Yet a quiet beauty always remains. This year's American Icon theme"Forgotten America" is your chance to show the world your interpretation of that beauty.

Using photography, painting, drawing, sculpture and mixed media, we seek submissions by both professional and amateur artists. The winners of the event will win cash prizes and be exhibited at the annual Sausalito Art Festival, in front of thousands of artists and art enthusiastic from around the world.

Last year, artists from 26 states and seven countries entered the Competition. Do you have what it takes to win cash prizes and be featured at the 2016 Sausalito Art Festival? Learn More Here.

Educational Tall Ship

In 2013, the Sausalito Art Festival partnered with Educational Tall Ship of San Francisco.

Just inside the Festival entrance, visitors were able to glimpse the nautical centerpiece of the festival – a work of art “in the making” – a gigantic marine “sculpture” looming large under a huge tent.

A 120-foot historic schooner, inspired by the 19th century Brigantine “Galilee”, is being constructed on the festival site and offers a rare insight into marine architecture. The first “tall ship” to be built in the Bay Area in over 100 years, the sailing vessel will be a floating classroom for children once built. 
In the interim, the site is an interactive visitor center, and festival attendees were able to tour the site.

Additionally, artist Roderick Smith painted a nautical mural on site and local performers sang sea shanties for festival patrons.

Once the ship is built, she will be operated by Call of the Sea, a well-known provider of experiential educational sailing programs in the Bay Area. For more information about this innovative project and special exhibit, visit

Bay Model Exhibit

Spotlighting Top Bay Area Artists

In addition to the other Festival special exhibitions, the Army Corps of Engineers Bay Model building on the Festival grounds showcases an annual curated exhibition focusing on the best local Bay Area artists. The 2012 Festival featured stunning botanical watercolors by master students of Mary Harden.