American Icon Art Competition

Congratulations to the 2013 American Icon Winners!

2013 American Icon Video

Grand Prize of $1000

Roderick Stevens for the painting: American Wrap

First Prize of $500, Photography

Lee Rentz for the photograph: Mennonite Women at Flight 93 Memorial

First Prize of $500, Painting

Clem McCarthy for the painting:Fort Baker Flag

First Prize of $500, Celebratory

Troy Peterson for the photograph: Equinal Patriotism

Second Prize of $100, Photography
Phil Shaw for the photograph: Toddler Honors Great Grandfather

Lisa Kidd for the photograph: American Made

Second Prize of $100, Painting

Juliet Wood for the painting: Interdependence Flags

Worthy of Mention

  • Front Door by Susan Homes Schwartzbach
  • Salute by Mark Maryanovich
  • Fourth of July Parade by Liz Lyons Friedman
  • Where You Live by Cynthia Warren
  • Sailor Rest Your Oar by Suzanne Cochrane
  • Old Glory by Matthew Sievers
  • Classic Wooden Boats and American Flag by Hung Nguyen
  • What Is America? by George Utrilla
  • Why We Fight by Steve Taylor
  • Stars and Stripes by John White

About the American Icon Art Competition

The American Icon Art Competition was born in 2012 at the Sausalito Art Festival Communications Group meeting in Sausalito, California. Then, the natural union of the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th anniversary and the SAF's 60th soon became evident. The Golden Gate Bridge, one of the most iconic structures in the world, became the subject of the first American Icon Art Competition. Thus was born the American Icon Art Competition.

In 2013, the American Icon Art Competition again offered an innovative, low carbon footprint, global opportunity for amateurs and professionals alike to submit their best creations in Photography and Painting of the 2013 American Icon.

Thousands of interested, art savvy patrons who attended the Sausalito Art Festival Labor Day Weekend had the opportunity to view the submissions at the Bay Model Visitor Center, on the grounds of the Festival. A specially designed sound component simultaneously accompanied the entrants' works of art shown on a large screen. For those who could not attend the Sausalito Art Festival, all artwork from the American Icon Art Competition was available for viewing on our website at

For more information and to enter the next American Icon Art Competition, visit the American Icon website at:

American Icon Judges

The 2013 American Icon submissions were judged by six acclaimed artists from the U.S. and Canada. They are all working artists, many of whom have previously exhibited at the Sausalito Art Festival.

Edward Avila Known for his pastel painting, Edward studied painting and drawing at Sonoma State University and did graduate study at Pratt Institute in NYC ; he has had numerous gallery exhibits throughout his career. Jeff Cooperman -- an artist and animator residing in Marin County, Jeff studied figurative painting at the New York Academy of Art as well as the New York Studio School. He currently works for Activision/Blizzard and teaches animation at the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

Larry Frank A noted travel photographer, Larry spent 24 years with Nikon Canada as manager of their Professional Division. He has advised, consulted and instructed photographers ranging from forensic to fashion and pioneered the Nikon School of Photography. William McCarthy -- William has received numerous awards at art festivals around the country and has been a faculty menber in the Art Department at Wesleyan University in CT for years.

Steve Solinsky With a degree in architecture from the University of California, Steve utilized his design training first as a freelance graphic artist and then as a fine art photographer, exhibiting in galleries and museums throughout the country.

Michael Swearngin A focus of Michael's career has been to keep the heritage of the West alive through his Contemporary cowboy paintings.